Sharenett Creating Unified Distribution Platform of Investment Opportunities for Global Family Offices

New Partnership with ClearList Will Create Unique Liquidity Access to Private Company Securities

New York, NY, June 9, 2020

ShareNett Holdings LLC (“ShareNett”), a private members-only investment platform built by and for family offices, today announced a distribution partnership with ClearList Holdings LLC (“ClearList”). The partnership will create a seamless digital ecosystem that will transform price discovery of private securities and provide access to liquidity and risk management by facilitating smoother transitions to direct listings or public offerings for private companies and assets.

The partnership represents the latest phase of ShareNett’s strategy to become the leading regulatory compliant distribution platform for illiquid investment opportunities across asset classes.

“ShareNett is creating a super-distribution hub that will level the playing field for family offices by giving them unique access to appealing investment opportunities across the entire spectrum of private assets,” said Clifford H. Friedman, Chairman & CEO of ShareNett.  “ShareNett has developed a robust institutional solution that provides a path for families to overcome the inherent challenges of seeking primary and secondary liquidity in private markets.”


Partnerships with ClearList and GTS

ShareNett is collaborating with GTS Securities LLC (“GTS”) on the launch of the ClearList initiative, where GTS will make capital commitments for ClearList to facilitate liquidity, a first in the trading of private market securities. GTS is a leading electronic market maker across global financial instruments, as well as the largest Designated Market Maker (“DMM”) at the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”) and the number-one DMM for IPOs at the NYSE for five years running. Its expertise in creating liquidity and developing market infrastructure will bolster the platform capabilities.

ClearList will provide real-time, transparent price discovery for private companies to develop a liquid market for their private securities.  A major differentiator of the platform is that similar to public exchanges, ClearList will help create liquid markets for private securities and thereby provide true price discovery.  ShareNett is a primary distribution platform for family offices and ultra-high-net-worth individuals, as well as institutional investors to access ClearList.

Friedman said, “The ShareNett partnership with ClearList is a transformative initiative that is going to solve a significant unmet need for ShareNett’s members, which is to provide liquidity for the private securities in their portfolios. Our ClearList partnership creates one of the only WealthTech platforms for investors and private company issuers wanting to both buy and sell private securities in an institutional and regulatory compliant ecosystem.”

Bill White, the CEO of ClearList, said the partnership with ShareNett provides a “superior and intelligent way to discover, access and source from an expansive investor base. We couldn’t be more excited about our partnership with ShareNett and providing its membership with a new and innovative model to buy and sell private securities with an embedded liquidity provider.”


Regulatory Compliant Onboarding

ShareNett’s affiliate, Trellis Software Inc. (“Trellis”), will provide a platform of services to the partnership that supports regulatory-compliant processes from onboarding through custody and settlement.

Tim Krochuk, the CEO of Trellis, said, “Trellis services facilitate seamless onboarding of new clients and help streamline the normally cumbersome process of private transaction diligence and execution.”

These services, including the Trellis Digital ID, Digital Locker and Digital Data Room, are embedded into the operations of the ShareNett and ClearList partnership.



ShareNett will be hosting a webinar on Tuesday, June 16 at 2:00pm ET to discuss the ClearList initiative and the broader ShareNett super distribution strategy.  Interested parties may register here.


About ShareNett

ShareNett connects and empowers its members-only network of 400-plus family offices and ultra-high-net-worth individuals around the world with unique investment solutions to sustain and expand wealth over multiple generations. ShareNett members collaborate on curated, institutional grade investment opportunities across the global spectrum of private security asset classes.

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Risk Disclosures

Private Placement Disclosure:

ClearList warns that investments in private, unregistered securities involves a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. An investment in private company securities is highly speculative and should only be considered a long-term investment. Before deciding to invest, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience and risk appetite. You must be prepared to withstand a total loss of your investment. Private company securities are also highly illiquid and there is no guarantee that a market will develop for such securities, including on the ClearList LLC Alternative Trading System. There is also no guarantee that any private placement will be publicly listed through a direct listing or Initial Public Offering. You should be aware that each investment also carries its own specific risks and that you should complete your own independent due diligence regarding the investment including obtaining additional information, opinions, financial projections, and legal or other investment advice.

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