ClearList Launches Cap Table Management

ClearList Holdings today announced a comprehensive capitalization table management offering that will be utilizing sophisticated technology for an enhanced user experience that will allow private companies to better manage and implement their capital markets goals.

The announcement comes in anticipation of formally launching secondary trading in private company securities on the ClearList electronic trading platform, which will transform price-discovery of private company securities.

The cap table management offering is part of ClearList’s distinctive marketplace for private company securities that can be utilized to streamline all process flows in the ClearList ecosystem from issuer to investor, custodian, and ultimately the ClearList platform for shareholder liquidity. The cap table functionality is a critical addition to ClearList’s clearing, settlement and trading process.

“ClearList’s cap table management is a superb product with a far more additive and efficient user experience,” said Bill White, CEO of ClearList. “Our platform is designed to provide expert 409A tax services, accounting and real-time accurate data – all at a fair and cost-effective price.  As we prepare to formally launch trading, cap table management will play an important role for private companies to realize their capital markets ambitions.”

Victor Calaba, Managing Director at Tudor Investment Corporation, an investor in ClearList Holdings,

said, “ClearList’s cap table management product is priced very competitively and will enable seamless integration with ClearList’s suite of services and functionality, including most importantly its forthcoming secondary trading platform. This will enable trading in a private company’s securities based on whatever customized rules and constraints an issuer may need.  ClearList’s private market participants will benefit from significantly improved liquidity by virtue of ClearList’s affiliation with GTS, which brings sophisticated market making and technology resources as the operator of the largest Designated Market Makers on the NYSE floor.”

ClearList’s cap table management offering is launching with three private companies:

  • Waffle Labs, Inc., a technology company that reinvents insurance and improves value for consumers. “ClearList and Waffle are like-minded in our missions of delivering to our respective clients a better, more efficient and more cost-effective offering utilizing advanced technology, said Quentin Coolen, co-founder & CEO of Waffle Labs.

  • Cibus, a leader in advanced plant-breeding technologies. Peter Beetham, Ph.D., and CEO of Cibus, said, “ClearList’s vast range of integrated services, from cap table management to trading secondary offerings, is a very attractive package for us as a growing private company.”

  • Carmell Therapeutics, a developer of Plasma-based Bioactive Materials that promote healing and reduce infections in multiple clinical settings. Randy Hubbell, president & CEO of Carmell, said, “The ClearList offering is unique, innovative and issuer-friendly. We are delighted to be among their inaugural clients for cap table management.”

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ClearList Holdings LLC is the parent company of ClearList LLC, Member: FINRA & SIPC and ClearList Securities LLC. 

ClearList is an advanced trading solution for private companies and investors.  ClearList establishes real-time, transparent price discovery based on actual investor sentiment – for a cutting-edge transition to the public market. 

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