ClearList Securities Launches Primary Offerings Access

Broker dealer business activities complement ClearList’s cap table management offering and soon-to-come secondary trading on the ClearList ATS.

ClearList Securities today announced that its broker dealer application for membership with FINRA has been granted. ClearList Securities’ business activities will include private placement, investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, and advisory services. The Firm will also be a Subscriber to the ClearList ATS, for secondary trading of private company securities.

“ClearList is committed to the success of private companies throughout all stages of growth and ensuring access to highly sought-after investment opportunities,” said ClearList CEO Bill White.  “ClearList reaches investors around the world interested in becoming capital partners to exciting and innovative companies.”

Today’s announcement is the latest milestone for the ClearList group of companies, as it builds momentum to commence secondary trading of private company securities. Earlier this year the Firm announced its prestigious industry advisory board. In October of last year, ClearList announced a comprehensive capitalization table management offering that will be offered through ClearList Technologies and provide a cost-effective software solution that will enable Issuers to maintain real-time ownership updates for private companies.

ClearList Securities’ primary offerings access helps private companies effectively navigate the investment ecosystem, helping Issuers share their stories and providing a curated investor offering and compelling digital roadshow unique to each company on its platform.

Private companies that have shown interest in working with ClearList Securities include:

  • Apex146, a sports platform that indexes significant race day influencers with athlete-to-athlete benchmarking and real-world race simulations.

  • Carmell Therapeutics, a developer of Plasma-based Bioactive Materials that promotes healing and reduce infections in multiple clinical settings.

  • Gatsby, a commission-free options trading platform.

  • Waffle Labs, Inc., a technology company that reinvents insurance and improves value for consumers.


For each company on the ClearList Securities platform, investors can easily access key metrics and data, senior leadership conversations and securely execute all subscription documentation without ever leaving the ClearList environment. 

Investments in private, unregistered securities involves a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. An investment in private company securities is highly speculative and involves a high degree of risk as well as the potential loss of your entire investment. Private company securities are also highly illiquid and there is no guarantee that a market will develop for such securities, including on the ClearList Alternative Trading System. There is also no guarantee that any private placement will be publicly listed through a direct listing or Initial Public Offering. You should be aware that each investment also carries its own specific risks and that you should complete your own independent due diligence regarding the investment including obtaining additional information, opinions, financial projections, and legal or other investment advice.

About ClearList

The ClearList group of integrated companies includes: ClearList LLC (“ATS”), Member: FINRA & SIPC; ClearList Securities LLC, Member: FINRA & SIPC, and ClearList Technologies LLC.   ClearList is democratizing the Equities Marketplace for Private Companies.  ClearList is majority-owned by GTS, a Manhattan-based electronic market maker and a leading designated market maker at the NYSE. For more information, please visit

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