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Reflection from ClearList President, Brian Duggan

I had the pleasure of speaking alongside notable leaders from Coded by Kids and Hamilton Lane last week during the PACT Conference in Philadelphia, which has a long tradition of bringing together key players from the private equity, venture capital and entrepreneurial communities. It’s a great event that draws more than 1,000 participants and has been the catalyst for billions of dollars in venture funding and entrepreneurial success and is right in ClearList’s sweet-spot.

We had a lively discussion with the dominant theme that private market companies are too often underrepresented in the capital markets ecosystem and their needs are often overlooked.

ClearList is in a perfect spot to help these companies given our low cost structure, seamless distribution network, technology prowess and issuer-friendly, efficient business model. This allows us to provide better service to companies all from a team that has decades of collective experience working with private companies.

Big groups may overlook these underrepresented companies, but ClearList helps these diamonds in the rough to succeed.

Today, companies are staying private longer and ClearList provides an end-to-end solution for all stages of their journey. That can be for any range of services, such as liquidity and cap table management, private placement offerings, tender offers and creating a path to IPO with a transparent and market-tested valuation.

The private markets are going through an exciting transformation and ClearList has reimagined the services that can be provided to private companies.

About ClearList 

ClearList excels in providing end-to-end equity management solutions to private companies, including secondary trading of private company securities, primary fundraises and liquidity management, including cap table management. ClearList is committed to putting private companies first by applying tested technology and the best elements of the public markets to the private markets. The ClearList group of integrated companies includes: ClearList LLC (the “ClearList ATS”), Member: FINRA & SIPC; ClearList Securities LLC, Member: FINRA & SIPC, ClearList Technologies LLC, and ClearList TRAX, LLC, an SEC Registered Transfer Agent.

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