ClearList Strengthens Its Cap Table, Liquidity Management Offering Through Strategic Relationship With TOPPEQ

ClearList Technologies LLC (“ClearList”) today announced a strategic partnership and investment in Toppeq Tech Private Limited (“TOPPEQ”), a 360-degree cap table and shareholder management firm.

Based in Mumbai, TOPPEQ has formulated a powerful combination of institutional expertise and innovative design, so companies can easily maintain their cap table, model out financing scenarios, and provide shareholders with transparency and ready access to their documents. ClearList has integrated TOPPEQ’s offering into its platform to address the needs of private companies from cap tables and valuation services to capital raising, liquidity programs, secondary trading and pre-IPO solutions.

“TOPPEQ is a leader in cap table and shareholder management software, offering one of the top platforms in the industry and together with ClearList, allows private companies to build their cap tables efficiently from the ground up,” said Bill White, CEO of ClearList. “The integration of the ClearList and TOPPEQ offerings creates an unmatched market leader for private companies to receive full equity and liquidity management functionality.”

He continued, “The efficient management of capital structures is critical to a private company’s evolution. ClearList allows executives to manage their cap tables within the same platform that enables them to raise capital, sponsor liquidity programs and access secondary trading for private company securities. With ClearList, capital raises and liquidity events are enhanced with real-time updates to a company’s books and records and with customized stakeholder communications.”

A key differentiator of the ClearList offering is our approach to building private company cap tables from the underlying shareholder agreements, allowing for a complete and accurate shareholder view. Companies and stakeholders can access their investment agreements at any time within the platform. As private companies grow, our platform grows with them, be it for capital raising, liquidity programs, corporate action events, ESOP administration, or pre-IPO solutions.

“We have already had the pleasure of working strategically with the team at ClearList and we have seen that their capital markets offering for private companies has remarkable breadth and expertise. TOPPEQ is delighted to now officially partner with ClearList on our combined market-leading equity management offering,” said Nandini Sankar, founder & CEO of TOPPEQ.

Peter Beetham, COO of San Diego-based Cibus Global, whose private company is a user of the ClearList cap table offering, said, “ClearList’s ability to rebuild the cap table using the actual documents from inception is unmatched and far superior to anything that we have ever seen. Now having the PDF of each document to account for the ownership stake is not only more efficient and user-friendly, but has saved us significantly in resources, multiple thousands of dollars in legal and accounting fees and importantly, people’s time.”

ClearList TRAX, LLC, an affiliate in the ClearList group of companies, is an SEC registered transfer agent that can make ClearList’s cutting-edge technology available for companies that require transfer agent services.

About ClearList 

ClearList excels in providing end-to-end equity management solutions to private companies, including cap table management, valuation and investor services, capital raising, liquidity programs, secondary trading, and pre-IPO solutions. ClearList is committed to putting the interests of private companies first by applying the best elements of the public markets to our private company solutions.. The ClearList group of integrated companies includes: ClearList LLC (the “ClearList ATS”), Member: FINRA & SIPC; ClearList Securities LLC, Member: FINRA & SIPC, ClearList Technologies LLC, and ClearList TRAX, LLC, an SEC Registered Transfer Agent.


TOPPEQ is Asia’s first Cap Table and Liquidity Management platform. The Toppeq platform uses technology to cut through the chaos of spreadsheets and PDFs, and presents reconciled, cohesive, and real-time information to all stakeholders. TOPPEQ, which is based in Mumbai, currently provides Cap Table Management, Scenario Modelling, ESOP management and Liquidity Workflow solutions to founders and investors.

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