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Take your first steps toward controlling your equity and meeting record-keeping standards.

A Seamless Experience

No need to leave ClearList! Manage your capitalization table within the same platform that enables you to raise capital and access secondary trading for your private company securities.

With all your private security needs taking place in one central location, Issuers can now efficiently complete all required tasks including maintaining real-time ownership updates and sharing important information with shareholders.

Through ClearList, you can do it all!

Real-Time Accurate Data

Our cap table management offering is a critical component to ClearList’s optimized trading process, allowing for timely updates and same day clearing and settlement of trades.

We do the work for you! After each transaction within ClearList, your capitalization table is updated so that you don’t have to think twice about it.

Plan for Future Success

Be proactive about the growth of your business!

ClearList’s scenario builder enables you to see how a capital raise impacts your cap table and allows you to easily see how your company and shareholders will be affected across a multitude of scenarios, allowing you to choose the best next steps forward.

ClearList provides available expert 409A tax services on an as-needed basis through our partnership with one of the top alternative investment tax firms, helping to ensure your company always has a true valuation.

Upgrade your capitalization table and join the growing number of private companies choosing ClearList.

Upgrade your cap table and join the growing number of private companies choosing ClearList.

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