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Cibus was founded in 2001 with the goal to increase farmer’s yield and profit, reduce waste and resources, and create healthier food by developing customized native plant traits that benefit farmers, processors and consumers.  Cibus’ trait development is focused on areas such as weed control, disease and insect resistance, as well as other traits such as pod shatter reduction and allergen free.  Cibus is a biotechnology company pioneering advanced gene editing to lead the development of new traits for the global agricultural seed industry. Its family of technologies, known as the Rapid Trait Development System (RTDSTM) harnesses the power of the plant’s own gene repair mechanisms, without integrating foreign genetic material into the processes, to create traits that are genetically indistinguishable from those that can occur in nature.

Technology as the Key Competitive Factor

Cibus’ Gene Editing Trait Platform is the leading trait development technology consisting of:

  • More than 300 patents and patent applications
  • Crop specific cell culture model and genomic data platform
  • Gene editing methodology that qualifies as Advanced Mutagenesis (nature identical, no transgenes, no recombinant DNA)
  • Ability to stack multiple traits resulting in escalating royalty streams in the same crop
  • Scalable, efficient and cost-effective processes
  • Existing non-GMO traits in Canola, Rice, Flax and Potato

We Believe That RTDS is the Leading Trait Development Technology

Demonstrated (1)

Trait Development Technology

Anticipated Speed to 
Market & Cost

Precisely Customize Traits (2)

Rapidly Stack 
Customized Traits (3, 4)

Excludes Recombinant DNA in Both Process and Product


< 5 Years < $10MM

(DNA Cutters)

< 5 Years ~$10MM

Gene Knock in

Gene Knock out (5)

(Genetically Modified
Organisms — GMOs)

~13 Years $135MM

Chemical Mutagenesis
(Traditional chemical or irradiation)

10+ Years


Classical Breeding



  1. Based on management’s survey of academic literature and other publicly available information.
  2. Demonstrated ability to make a directed nucleotide change(s) in an endogenous gene target of a host plant’s DNA to develop desired traits.
  3. Rapidly is defined as less than 10 years.
  4. Demonstrated ability to make a directed nucleotide change(s) in multiple independent endogenous gene targets of a host plant’s DNA to develop desired traits.
  5. In plants, only a few cases where a gene knockout included the practice of NOT integrating the site-directed nuclease as a transgender.

Cibus is passionate about efficiently bringing to market the broadest portfolio of novel, nature-identical plant traits to help grow healthier, more sustainable, economically viable, and globally accepted crops that will benefit farmers, processors and consumers everywhere.