Prime Unicorn Index

The World’s First Unicorn Tracking Index

The Prime Unicorn Index, created in August 2017, is a modified market cap price return index that measures the share price performance of U.S. private companies valued at $1 billion or more. The Prime Unicorn Index is a leading benchmark targeting and tracking U.S.-based unicorns. Company eligibility and price inputs are derived from disclosed, hard to find corporate filings and the index calculation model is based on actual or derived prices of preferred stock and common stock. The index provides empirical data for tracking today’s private capital markets.

Featuring Some of the Most Innovative Companies of the Future

Space Exploration Technologies Corp.


GoBrands, Inc.


Databricks, Inc.


Maplebear Inc. (INSTACART)


Discord, Inc.


Devoted Health, Inc.




Plaid, Inc.


Faire Wholesale, Inc.


JUUL Labs, Inc.


Featured companies are part of the Prime Unicorn Index. The Prime Unicorn Index includes private companies incorporated in the United States, have valuations at or greater than $1 billion, file preferred price-per-share information with their respective states of incorporation and file with the Securities and Exchange Commission in compliance with Regulation D. The Prime Unicorn Index rebalances these companies on a quarterly basis.


Index Level

(As of 05/25/2022)

Index Levels

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Companies by Sector

Total Valuation ($B) by Sector

Companies of the Index may fall under more than one sector.

Prime Unicorn Index publishes index reports on a quarterly basis that detail any changes to the index, unicorn market trends and more. There are two elements to the quarterly index reports:

Q2 2022 Quarterly
Fact Sheet

The Fact Sheet provides an overview of index level trends and key component information for the quarter.

Q2 2022 Quarterly Reconstitution Report

The Reconstitution Report provides detail surrounding any changes to the components of the index for the quarter (eligibility and price inputs are derived from publicly available information like federal and state filings and company disclosures.)

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